A gust of wind

Waiter, there is a leaf in my salad and it is not like the others.
There's a hole in my sock and a roof on the bus shelter.
I can hide from the rain and I can drive faster than ever.
Focus is unintentional and the blisters are wild.

Voices drown in the sound and children fall on the sidewalk.
Into muddy puddles and double rainbows.
Pages of our unwritten lives turn and tear violently.
Short chaos sessions and long threads unravel.

May it bring the butterfly or the swallow.
Hold onto the lamppost and tight to your swollen throat.
Right through the mailbox and up the open nose.
Feathers of a bird and a granule of construction sand.

Madam, there is a rock in my pebbles and it is a nuisance.
There's a breath in my lungs and a heart on my lips.
Kissing away the tears and wiping away the presence.
We come together as one and part as two.

Let linger in the air and hover above pedestrians.
Its travels unkempt and its story untold.
Two white lines and the crosswalk on the pavement.
Where she lands and picks herself up again.