Catching up with Nelly, Harry, and Kanye

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Release date: November 16th, 2010
Genre: hip hop, rap

Nelly made a notable return to the scene in 2008 with Brass Knuckles. Released last Monday, this is expected to be his second breakthrough in the industry since "Hot In Herre". Having peaked at #5 on the Canadian charts last week, "Just A Dream" is living up to the proposal. The American rapper is prolific when it comes to collaborations; 5.0 features T.I., Chris Brown, and Keri Hilson, amongst others.

Ever since David Yates began directing the movies ("Order of the Phoenix"-onward), I haven't been impressed at all. Part one of the finale received mixed reviews and I don't plan on seeing it until late next week. What relieves me is that castle scenes will be few or none. For the last five years, a "safe haven" has been depicted with inappropriate and unnecessary gloom. (official site)

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Release date: November 22nd, 2010
Genre: hip hop, rap

A much anticipated My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will focus on creativity and self-expression. From the half-hour music video/short film to the appearances by Bon Iver, this will definitely be Kanye's best release yet.

So what if he embarrassed some random country girl at an awards show? His open-mindedness can be observed through his previous work with contrasting artists from Fall Out Boy to Madonna. I must confess that- to me, MBDTF is more exciting than the Harry Potter premiere.

(After all, I'm a music junkie, not a Hogwarts wannabe.)