Hi, I make the set lists (weekend rant)

So I'm in the grand opening of a local Rexall Pharma Plus when my sister comes running past me with an Eclipse (Twilight) wall calendar. She doesn't ask, "do you think Mommy will let me get this?", because we both know the answer is yes. Only because it's $6 cheaper here at the drugstore than it is at CalendarClub. Eventually I get bored and make my way to the rack myself.

What catches my attention is the flashy Ottawa Senators 12 by 12. (The mall stand just didn't have it; they had every other Canadian team.) Partly because I'd left my wallet in the car and partly because I didn't quite agree with the player choices, I left it where it was at.

(buy it online)
After all, a roster is made up of more or less 30 players and a year consists of 12 months. I found the selection rather interesting.
January: Mike Fisher
February: Filip Kuba
March: Alex Kovalev
April: Chris Neil
May: Chris Phillips
June: Nick Foligno
July: Daniel Alfredsson
August: Jarkko Ruutu
September: Milan Michalek
October: Jason Spezza
November: Pascal Leclaire
December: Chris Kelly
First off, I should not be talking. It's been nearly two weeks since I've really watched a game, but one would think that putting your two most charismatic leaders in the offseason is not a good strategy. With the Senators (ahem) goaltending situation, Leclaire in next year's November slot? Not safe. Oh, and what the hell- let's throw Kelly in at the end, because he'll never go anywhere.

Ah well, what can you expect? It's a calendar.