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Release date: September 14th, 2010
Genre: alternative rock, pop

I'd previously mentioned this album in an earlier post, but it's only recently started to sink in. Especially this one song, which I find to be the most original (yet hollowly familiar sounding) on the album. It's the 9th track, a ballad called "Motorcade (So Long, So Long)".

The beginning is an introduction of all the instrumental themes that are used in the song, creating a large, open sound. Combined with Stroope's unique vocals, it absolutely screams Thriving Ivory. The words "so long" are repeated 32 times.
In listening to the song "Motorcade (So Long, So Long)" I got to thinking that I might want to keep it on tap for my next break-up which led me to wonder... have you ever broken up with someone via a song and would you be against me using this track for my own devices?

Scott Jason: Well I don’t think any of us have sent someone an email with an Mp3 attached and said, "Make sense? It’s over." Kinda harsh I would think, haha. But there is a song on the last record that touches on this subject. As for you breaking up with someone via sending them Motorcade... you have our full permission! Although he may also think you’re trying to get on his good side by sending them a song. Maybe a little text would help? Phone call? Face to face?!?!?!?! Human contact?!?!?

Interview by Mary Oullette; TheyWillRockYou.com
I never saw this as a breakup song, but interpretation is left to the listener. Personally, I find it more tragic than that. Especially with the lyrics stating "there's gonna be blood", "who's to say where the road will pave", "when nothing's for sure", and "the sirens weep and the flowers have been laid".
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