Daydream Nation

(Josh Lucas as Barry Anderson)
Filmed: January/February 2010
Directed by: Michael Goldbach

Premiered this fall at the Toronto International Film Festival, "Daydream Nation" is a movie I would definitely like to see when it hits theatres. It's Canadian, stars Kat Dennings as Caroline Wexler, and is yet another installation to the mass of recent feminist films.

The movie is set in a small, quiet town where people seem to be "permanently stoned". As the new girl, Caroline engages in an affair with her teacher (Josh Lucas, who looks way too young to be an English teacher) who is a writer. She also starts a relationship with one of those druggie losers, but realizes that Mr. Anderson may not be so different. (Not that he's on drugs, we're talking about the "loser" part.) Oh, and there's a serial killer roaming around attacking her classmates. (I like the way your mind works, Michael.)

for more information/synopsis on TIFF site