It's What We Do, page 74

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A brief, sloppy piano cover of "No More" by Three Days Grace. Albeit recording it in mid-October, I never got around to uploading. In my defense, I did it by ear.

I haven't discovered a whole lot of new music in the last two weeks, so I figured I'd give you readers a longer excerpt of the novel I've been working on in the aforementioned time frame. (I've posted shorter excerpts on Tumblr.)
She met Casey outside the theatre as his text had read. It’d taken a few days after their initial date, but they’d finally remembered and exchanged numbers.
“New tennis ball?” she inquired as she neared. It was extraordinarily white, reminding her of the canvas. Crushed leaves and dirt stuck to it with each bounce.
“Yup. I have some people I want you to meet,” he announced. She looked around dumbly. There was a sophomore by the baseball diamond shooting crack. No, couldn’t be him.
“Oh?” He gave her an incredulous look that quickly transformed into amusement.
“… but we’re going to have to take your car.”
“Oh,” she repeated, this time as a statement. He bounced the white tennis ball one last time, eliminating the last clean spot. “Did you want to drive?” she asked, taking the ball from him.

“What are you doing?” They were stalled at a traffic light when he turned to look at her. A large woman pushing a shopping cart walked irritatingly slowly to the opposite curb. The light still didn’t change. Rhiannon crumpled the dirt-stained Kleenex in her hand and looked directly into his smile.
“I’m cleaning your ball.” Okay, that didn’t sound right. She tried again. “I like when things are their true colours, that’s all. It’s like OCD, or something.”
The light changed green and the car shot forward into the intersection, stopping again to wait for the opportunity to left turn. “Yeah,” Casey decided. “That’s a little strange.”
“Did you know that white is the presence of all colours?” she asked in a tight voice.
“Whoa, scientist. I’m an art student.” But you know what I mean. “Grade 10 science. Optics.”
“You’re not taking me to your parents, are you?” Rhiannon wasn’t sure she was ready for that. She wasn’t even sure where they stood in relation to each other. There’d been nothing beyond a couple of confused static moments, which she was not bothered by. I guess my book differs from most girls.
“No,” he said, sounding a little uncertain.
“Oh no, I don’t need to meet your parents or anything, I just don’t know where you’re taking me.” The left turn was made during this explanation. “Actually, I never know where you’re taking me.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not a creeper.” He laughed. “And I’m too young to go pedophiliac on you.”

A pastel green house with white panels on the windows. Rhiannon experienced an immediate feeling of ‘want’. She shook her head, marvelling at the sharp artistic contrast. Just because she was a science enthusiast didn’t mean she couldn’t appreciate a good paint job. The house was on the smaller side, especially so next to a towering hedge. It was big enough for two people maximum; it wasn’t his house, but a familiar blue car was parked in the driveway.

“Quaint,” she observed. “This isn’t your house, is it?”
“Nah, my gnome friends live here.“

As if on cue, the white front door swung inward and a cute hippie with a white apron appeared. She was wearing a loose beige shirt (she and Casey later corrected Rhiannon, calling it “ecru”) and a wide floral headband. She seemed excited to see them. “Casey! Come on in! I‘m just making pizza.” They followed her into the house, standing politely in the foyer. A mirror image of Casey approached them from down the hall. “This must be the biologist-musician?” His voice was a sweet tenor, several pitches higher than Casey’s. Rhiannon stood there, looking between the two of them.

“Rhiannon, Sam. Sam, Rhiannon.” When she didn’t react, he laughed, adding that Sam was his brother.
“I love your house,” she said when she finally got over her complete situational mind fuck.
NaNoWriMo word count: 42878 of 50000.