In anticipation of "Hurrikanye"

All seven trailers and the single art are out- MTV is scheduled to premiere the short film tomorrow. (I wasn't aware that they still showed music videos.) Misleading is the following tweet:
Looks like #HURRICANETHEFILM has been banned
Nonetheless, if this band Leto's inner editor is good at anything, it is effective promo and creating trailers. Kanye West is expected to have a cameo and should, considering he's a contributor to the track. My personal fear is that the questionable video will ruin my love for the collaboration. (At least it's nowhere near Klaxon's "Twin Flames".) Below is the first preview; the other six introduce story characters.

Check back later tomorrow for the official video and thoughts.

UPDATE: explanation of banning and shot by shot descriptions on The 14-minute video is only availible to US viewers for the moment. The uncensored version will appear in New Zealand tomorrow morning. An original 20-minute web version coming soon. Kanye did not make an appearance.

I did manage to see it, though. (An hour following the US premiere, it is not very difficult to find). From an artistic viewpoint, the video is brilliant. The direction, sound, and picture quality were mindblowing. Is it moving? No, not as much as their other films. It's predictable.