3-0 vs. TOR: Who's this cutie?

(from left: Erik Karlsson, Mike Fisher, and Filip Kuba; Yahoo! Sports)
I finally got around to watching this match on national broadcast this evening. One of my parents had left the caption setting on, which I watched fascinatingly as words would occasionally backspace. What better night to regain some confidence after two rough, and very different types of loss?

Key points
Jarkko Ruutu is probably the smartest guy on the team. Everywhere you turned, he was there, ready to steal the puck. Most turnovers were his initiation; he always knows whether to just cling to his opponent and kick at the puck or cut the opposing player off for a fellow teammate. I'm very impressed by what he's done in the last couple of years on this team and I'm loving the undying effort on the fourth line.

Alfredsson is still physical; he completely barrelled a Leafs player over in the third, sending Peter Regin and Jason Spezza on that rush. He is not as dominant as he used to be (then again, nor is Spezza who pulls up rather quickly and needs to follow through with his motions), but their presence is enough stress for the opposing line.

Regin and Foligno will score soon enough. They're obviously dying for a lucky break. From the looks of it, one is deserving to come. Current spots on lines 1 and 3 are ideal; seeing as they are both playing left wing, Clouston could interchange them as needed. Just don't touch that second line.

Defence was offensive. This is good, especially Chris Campoli and Eriksson jumping in from the blueline. Meanwhile, Chris Phillips made some good decisions- I just think he's showing similar habits to Spezza of easing up on aggressiveness. On the flipside, the forward's shot block attempts and successes are heartwarming. Not to mention entertaining.

The two Chris's. (Kelly and Neil, that is.) They are doing fantastically better than I expected. The speed and determination were noted. Alongside Matt Carkner, they really contribute some oomph to the game. Honestly, I have nothing specifically bad to address.

Scoring: Milan Michalek (1st), Fisher (2nd), Fisher (2nd).