2010 in Canuckland: First Half

Well, it's the last year of the decade. Should I feel any different? I kinda wish I did, but no- I'm still flimsy, bored, and wanting to change my nail colour. Another 200 or so eleven-year-olds were admitted to Hogwarts this year. Maple syrup? None.

01.14 Celebrated poet P.K. Page dies at 93. Good on you if you know who she is- I only do because I did a project on her a couple years ago. Inspirational work. From "Planet Earth":
The trees must be washed, and the grasses and mosses.
They have to be polished as if made of green brass.
The rivers and little streams with their hidden cresses
and pale-coloured pebbles
and their fool's gold
must be washed and starched or shined into brightness,
the sheets of lake water
smoothed with the hand
and the foam of the oceans pressed into neatness.

02.01 We begin seeing changes made to the social networking site, Facebook. A typical, negative response. People warm up to it later, only to have their profiles fucked again just before the end of the year. (Facebook Begins Rolling Out Latest Redesign).

02.12-28 Vancouver 2010 started on a low note- the untimely death of Georgia's Nodar Kumaritashvili during a practice at the Whistler Sliding Centre- but with all respect, the Olympic spirit escalated through to the end. Oh, the one day I might've cheered for Sidney Crosby.

03.19 Bieber Fever at its peak, with My World 2.0. A large blow to the credibility of Canadian music, but life goes on.

04.06 One of my personal favourites, although delayed, Secret & Whisper's Teenage Fantasy. It's very screamy-punk pop, but with better guitar. LIYL: Saosin, Anberlin, Tokio Hotel.

04.18 (I was at a 30 Seconds To Mars concert?) The 2010 Juno Awards held out in St. John's this year. Not a bad turnout, despite appalling nominees. Thank God Arkells won "New Group" over the softpunk bands in the category. It was rather boring, and expected as a civilized awards show.

04.19 The nation's spun into a hypnotic thaw following the close dates of Swim and Crystal Castles (II). Strategically confusing those who doubted after March.

04.26 Born Ruffians premiere the electric video for the first single off their upcoming June album, titled Say It.

05.13 The Habs: If they win, they riot. If they lose, they riot.

06.08 Newmarket indie-hoppers Tokyo Police Club release what will be a very successful follow-up album. It proves to be fun, catchy, and very radio friendly. Especially convenient for that Canadian content regulation on national radio stations.

06.23 AHHH! Earthquake!

06.26-27 G20 Summit weekend in Toronto. People yelled things, broke things, burned things, and were arrested. Somewhat comically, @HUMANKEBAB of USS is out tweeting quite peacefully around the city.

Hmm, I'm not sure if I'm done yet. I may update this tomorrow or the second half will be posted within the next three days.