Citytv's New Year's Bash 2011

(Kevin Frankish, Dina Pugliese, Tracy Moore, Gord Martineau)
Who: This year's colourful lineup includes brothers Shawn Desman and Danny Fernandes, dancer Blake McGrath, autotune guppies Stereos and These Kids Wear Crowns, and Divine Brown (?). Oh, and the aforementioned hosts.

What: New Year's, silly. Acutally, it's a clever scheme to light up the City Hall block, get people skating past midnight, and make people stand on park furniture they're not supposed to stand on. Unites the city, at the least.

When: December 31st. The opening acts start at 10PM, and it goes well into the night after the countdown. Bring mittens.

Where: Nathan Phillips Square, but it'll also be broadcast live on the Citytv channel as well as their website.

Why: Free music and cold weather for the 26th time. To be honest, the last time I went was when the Plain White T's played. At least four years ago. The night's much better spent with friends and family, roasting chestnuts over an open fire. Or something.

I've expanded all the points, but feel free to scope the little information there is on the official site. I'll be in big T.O. today, actually- to get some Xmas shopping done, fascinate myself with the concept of footwear and have my teeth cleaned. Yay.