Will blog for shoes (Bata Shoe Museum)

The Tudors had large boots.
Yesterday was warmer than usual, despite a freak blitz around 11am when we were walking to the dentist. Purchases made that morning consisted of an iced capp and black coffee from the smallest Tim Hortons I've ever seen, and a plaid shirt from Stitches. Two out of the three items were for my sister. An upset; suitable brown sweater cardigans for my mother were scarce.

We took the subway up to the Bata Shoe Museum after our appointment, dawdled a little to wait out the flouride treatment, and had lunch at a relatively busy cafe called Mercurio. The food was kinda really good. I had this funky crab and watercress salad with red pepper.

Early ice skates.
It was 2 o'clock when we entered the museum building. Our self-tour began on the bottom floor, where a timeline of various cultural footwear encircled a staircase. Chinese lotus feet were the most shocking- I'd previously read about binding, but not to the extent of the artifacts, which were no longer than a 15cm ruler! The staircase led to a Junos exhibit.

Billy Talent with pink converse.
Signed RUSH sneakers.
Dimly lit Nickelback boots.
Surprisingly large feet Michael Buble's got there.
A STEREOS array.
LIGHTS's camo flats, signed in silver Sharpie.
A clever exhibit tagline.
In the sock exhibit, the two of us put on a sock puppet show and read picture books. My personal favourite was Dr. Suess's "Fox In Socks", but Robert Munsch's "Smelly Socks" deserves an honourable mention. Yes, I am a child at heart... bringing me to my final photo:

From the movie, "Coraline".