Video: "Let Them" by jj

(via oddly amazing and GORILLA VS. BEAR, two fabulous music blogs that introduced me to the song). Explicit language warning at 0:07. jj is a Swedish dream pop band, kind of like Beach House with some heavier beats and added eerieness.

I know there's already been a fair amount of hype on the web about this track and her new mixtape, but after a few listens, I couldn't stop myself. The video was posted a couple days ago and the track can be downloaded for free here; an early Christmas present I can definitely appreciate.


  1. very cool. i have been meaning to check these guys out. definitely will now

  2. They really are fantastic- I thought "she" was some kind of female rapper at first. Their "Kills" mixtape is actually up for free downloading as well, via the label.