Baby cow;
little eyeball; 20/20 vision;
vitreous humor; and curricular recreation.
Learning to study and turning to a stalled clock
while writing up some science notes and praying for
a secondhand movement when a sudden, unfortunate
sidetrack. Next thing you know it's begun; intoxicating
air; someone washing unidentified fluid down the drain.
Wondering where souls go.                    Rolling; wiped dry;
staring me down; taking                           necessary caution
with sharp apparatus.                            Experiencing loss
of appetite. I will look                         away now. Please
don't. I can't take it.                       Pierce and release.
Involuntarily imagining          high pitched screams;
but I think you hear them, too. Praying for
an end when sadly, we've only just
begun. Situationally forced
into silence.