Adelaide, Australia's Brazen Kids Of York

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Release date: February 25th, 2010
Genre: alternative rock/pop, indie

"Sleepy Disco": From the start, you can tell it'll be a good one; Brazen Kids Of York are the real thing. The We Live Forever EP doesn't sound the slightest bit like a mediocre home production. The bassline of "Sleepy Disco" is glorious, coupled with controlled, upbeat percussion. Vocals are very British Sea Power-esque.

"Crybaby": Is that a woodblock at 0:04? I'm in love. The song makes me think of an impromptu setup at the end of a pier on a hot, sunny day. Clever lyrics state: "lighter than a feather, thicker than your leather" and "I televise my issues on a box of tissues, my little box of tissues". Apart from the lyrical theme that supresses such, "Crybaby" would make a great beach party tune.

"Thieves": A catchy opening, which I'm sure is present on every song. Cute; they've used Ben Lim's nothing-crazy-spectular vocals extremely well and in the right design, thank goodness. (There are so many groups where this is not the case- cough, Paramore.) The tradic cadence is a nice closing.

"We're Young": "... and we don't have a lot of time." I generally prefer when every line begins with something other than "and", but they break out of it after the first verse. I think this song is as much of a melodic ballad we'll receive from BKY at this time. It's at a slower tempo, featuring a confused computer-generated sound at 2:30. Nonetheless, it makes for variety and only seems out of place momentarily.

"In Cold, In Mould": I have to say, of the six tracks on We Live Forever, "In Cold, In Mould" is my personal least favourite. And I still find it fantastic. Specifically, this song is stripped down and serious (almost). I'm going to compliment the accompaniment. Again. They don't overpower, but they don't hold back in an unstylistic way. (The EP's title lyric was borrowed from this track.)

"We Don't Know Our Names": Immediate favourite. Beautiful keys on this devastatingly short outro.

We Live Forever is absolutely worth more than what it can be downloaded for- uh... nothing. But do the Kids a favour- spread the word. Now go check them out; you won't regret it! LIYL French Miami, Los Campesinos!, Born Ruffians.

Ben Lim (left), Andrew Begley. Not pictured: Jack Alexander (guitars).