Whipping paint and guitars, not hair

The work in progress.
It's been a dull two days, watching my gorgeous Lunar Eclipse (Behr) get overtaken by some unoriginal Tulle White (CIL). I asked Daddy while he was painting: "Do you like this colour?"

His reply: "It's boring." You got that right.

Semester two commences tomorrow, during which I shall try to switch out of that godforsaken Accounting class. Turns out, I could actually take a spare this year due to my extracurricular credits. Current schedule: Musical Theatre, English, normal lunch (I'm undecided whether this is a benefit or con), History.

Exams will be a total wreck, but it'll be more enjoyable than first semester. On this note, I'll leave you with this insane video of guitarist Andy James recording a guest solo for UK band, Anterior. Their second release (to follow up 2007's brilliance in This Age of Silence) is expected to drop this year.

I know I'm excited. (Anterior on Metal Blade)