Dear NHL All-Star Game,

I don't think I ever knew you. Especially not this year. Congratulations to Erik Karlsson for getting selected, though- he'll have some good fun out there. That draft is tonight, isn't it? The skills are tomorrow and the game is Sunday.

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This year's match is taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina, but I can't see it being much more than a playground tourney. At the least, previous years have given us some indications about which conference was stronger (generally the West). If this is some cash-generating stint, it's pretty ridiculous. Player drafting is different- the organization is weeding through prospects. To have captains choose players is a concept borrowed from the delicate years of grade school. I don't know about you; it's just not my thing.

The last few years have scarcely been exciting for the same reason I don't watch international sports. The game becomes offence, offence, offence (and a little goaltender humiliation).