RE: Upcoming Abysmal Dawn cover art

When it comes to metal, cover art rarely holds much meaning for me. It always depicts one, or a mixture, of: gas masks; naked cartoon chicks; satanic symbolism; or gory depictions, choc full of cheese. Maybe I'm unable to appreciate naked cartoon chicks wrapped in vines snakes cause I'm not a guy?

All the same, there are still some illustrations you can't deny, and I really love this one.

How this initial rough draft...
... became this beautiful, post-apocalyptic scene.
ARTIST PÄR OLOFSSON'S ACCOUNT ON DECIBEL- I found it a good read. Abysmal Dawn's third album, Leveling The Plane Of Existence will be released February 1st. I'm definitely looking forward to accompany "In Service Of Time", which has been a solitary gem in my library for the last two months.

Track list
01 The Age of Ruin
02 Pixilated Ignorance
03 In Service Of Time
04 Rapture Renowned
05 Our Primitive Nature
06 Perpetual Dormancy
07 Leveling The Plane Of Existence
08 Manufactured Humanity
09 My Own Savior
10 The Sleeper Awakens

Preorder: digitally on iTunes / hard copy via Relapse Records