"... I was the one when you needed love"

los angeles
"there’s so much going on in this picture, i wouldn’t even know how to begin to describe it. but simply: a lot of humans. a lot of lights. a lot of confetti."
Unattended. Wistful. Lazy. All three could describe New York hypnotist/electro-soul artist Richard Hall (better known as Moby)'s latest effort with Destroyed. It's a rich, clever, intricate combination of synthwave video game noises. There are moments in "The Broken Places" where it sounds as if that ridiculously satisfying, repeated coin-winning chime were recorded and then modified at random.

But I don't mean any damage. Artistically, Destroyed embodies its title in the most beautiful way possible. "The Low Hum" is Antarctic; "Rockets" is distant and spacy; then "The Day" turns cool and clear into shimmering daylight- no wonder it's the lead single. Upon awakening, things get symphonic and gospel for a moment, before the fog rolls in again. "After" diverges into light gothic textures; "Stella Maris" is a interludious hymn; "When You Are Old" provides a melodramatic finale to boot.

In other words, the album is like Scandinavian plane food: for tolerant folks and frequent fliers, nothing unexpected is presented. It is welcomely devoured following two audibly-unsynchronized movies. And if unappetizing after a short, stagnant nap, some of it and its packaging are saved and later marveled at. "Spectacular" would be too generous; still, you can't wait to see what you get on the next flight. At the very least, it beats the sugar content of those Tim Horton's fruit smoothies and McDonald's saturation epidemic.

Offer an ear to my personal favourite track, "Be The One", and share your thoughts in the comment form below, yes?

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Release date: May 16th, 2011
Genre: electronica, ambient, trance
stream & interactive
Track listing
01 "The Broken Places"
02 "Be The One"
03 "Sevastopol"
04 "The Low Hum"
05 "Rockets"
06 "The Day"
07 "Lie Down in Darkness"
08 "Victoria Lucas"
09 "After"
10 "Blue Moon"
11 "The Right Thing"
12 "Stella Maris"
13 "The Violent Bear It Away"
14 "Lacrimae"
15 "When You Are Old"