Manchester Orchestra: "Pale Black Eye"

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Release date: May 10th, 2011
Genre: alternative rock, indie... a little roots/punk

This album hits all the soft tones ("Leave It Alone"), driving beats ("Mighty"/"April Fool"), and hallowing keys ("Apprehension"). Favourite track? The melancholic "Pale Black Eye".
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  1. what are your thoughts on the album?

  2. kinda has a bit of everything in it huh

  3. Yeah; these guys were unknown to me until now, so there's little I've to offer in terms of review. I find Simple Math too toned down for a thorough listening without extensive rainfall.

    PS: I did get your previous comment; but Blogger was being odd the other day.

  4. I vaguely remember seeing these guys live, but I had never thought to pick up their album. The album was alright, but I could not listen to it the whole way through. The songs go from high energy to pretty mellow, (especially in the second half of the album) which lost my interest.

  5. Are they even high energy, or just relatively high energy? The instrumentation is fairly subdued throughout.

  6. high energy is probably the wrong way of describing it, but there is a pretty vast difference between songs like 'april fool' to 'simple math'