Early Day Miners' return to Western Vinyl

It's been a decade since the ambient-blues-influenced rock outfit released their self-produced debut, Placer Found. Ever since, they've been fairly consistent with Secretly Canadian, but I won't start into that. Frankly, I was not familiar with Early Day Miners until the recent Night People. And even then, it was the artwork that sparked my initial interest.

Release date: July 19th, 2011
Genre: alternative rock, shoegaze, dream pop, ambient

01 Hold Me Down
02 Stereo / Video (mp3)
03 Open Bar
04 How To Fall
05 Terrestrial Rooms
06 Bright Angels
07 Milking the Moon
08 Turncoats

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That's either really tacky or artsy overkill. The audio on that disc, however, has got some sweet vocal melodies, laid back guitar, and jangly percussion. Then again, if you're into Longwave, RPWL, Papercuts- that sort of thing, you probably already know EDM.