"We're only young and naive still"

photo by Shelly; paisley swimsuit from LVER Aqua
Having braved the hottest day of the year thus far with some wonderful friends and an afternoon in the pool, I don't have much to write about (in depth, NPI). So instead, I'll share my summer playlist- the chills that kept us cool; the beats that kept kept us lively; the bubbles that kept us floating.

1. "I Know Deep Down" by Architecture In Helsinki
The highlight of their latest LP, Moment Bends, and also the song containing the lyric that inspired the album name. It's got a laid back funk, an easy and steady bass, delving into a Cascada-style bridge delivered by Ms. Isobel Knowles. They can't lose.

2. "Young Blood" by The Naked And Famous
(This post title borrowed from its opening lyric.) With chorus-style "yeah-iy-yeah-iy-yeah-iy-yeah"s, it's difficult not to join in the cheerfulness. Even on the first listen. And the hook is ridiculously catchy. For something a little different, try the Thieves of Aon remix.

3. "Go Oblivion!" by Living Days
A New-Wave, goth pop fivesome from Brooklyn. Definite traces of The Cure. I don't think Neon Gold has ever posted a song I didn't like.

4. "Miami 2 Ibiza" by Swedish House Mafia
Okay, so this was last year's song. But I strongly believe they released it at the wrong time of year. Not to mention Tinie Tempah's clever verses (which took me a few plays to get used to at first):
She says she likes my watch, but she wants Steve’s AP
And she stay up all hours watching QVC
She said she loves my songs, she bought my mp3
And so I put her number in my Bold BB
I got a black BM, She got a white TT
She wanna see what’s hiding in my CK briefs
I tell her wear suspenders and some PVC
And then I’ll film it all up on my JVC
Enough quoted.

5. "Blue Cassette" by Friendly Fires
A love serenade of sorts- "as I hear your voice, it sets my heart on fire" is the stand-out lyric in the chorus. I've watched several live performances, trying to establish the percussive instruments used. Turns out, it's just a kit. (Live, anyways.) I could've sworn there were bongos, or congas, or something... I fully attribute the tropical jungle atmosphere to drummer Jack Savidge.

6. "Sex U" by The Hundred Days
With their debut album Really? due on August 16th, and a kickass single far more impressive than Hot Chelle Rae's "Tonight Tonight" (I'm still not fully aware of what caused this initial comparison), their recent attention is appropriate. No revolutionary sound in general, but revolutionary in the crowd of radio-orientated dance-pop guitar bands.

7. "Old Joy" by Noah and the Whale
You can't party to this song and it's too pretty to sleep to. But I can lie in the grass with "Old Joy" on repeat. There's a slight gospel feel to the chorus, and beautiful piano harmonies. One of the rare times when I've fallen in love with a song from a 15-second preview.

8. "I Don't Want Love" by The Antlers
Sue me; I wasn't sold on this album at first. If I hadn't thought they were Canadian, I still probably wouldn't have listened to Burst Apart. But thank goodness I was mistaken. Such a sincere, downtempo, backbeat way of denying passion. Mellow and dreamy.

PS. The trio's from Brooklyn, and this is their fourth album.

9. "Elongo" by Bedouin Soundclash
Another jangly-jungle-y pop tune, with amazing depth.

And last, but not least (though I have plenty more summer tracks that you simply don't have the time to read about), the woman we've all loved since her 2007 breakthrough. In a leader-studded getup, and my favourite hair yet. A difficult event turned into a soaring anthem.

10. "The Edge of Glory" by Lady GaGa

What's your subconscious dozing and party guests dancing?