VIDEO: "Second Summer" by Powers

November of last year, I posted about this track in demo form. Now it has a light, heart-breaking video. It's echoey and catchy, but its repetitiveness edges on annoying. I do believe they changed some of the post-bridge material for the final edit, which helps tremendously in that respect.

The cheery, Toronto-based dream-pop quartet is Jamie Matechuk, Kevin Corlis, Lesley Davies, and Odie Ouderkirk. Ambitiously, they list their influences: Animal Collective, New Order, Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Pavement, and LCD Soundsystem. Visit Powers's new site here.

They perform Saturday night at the Lower Ossington Theatre. 10:30pm, $10 for the entire Summer Works festival. (Worth it, although it's the last weekend.) Info and tix.