The first roundup (2010-11)

Paper LionsHollerado, and the latter's van... at 1AM.
And so it's been a year. It's Labour Day, which means I start school tomorrow for the 11th time, excluding kindergarten. My prolificacy has dropped off substantially since the first few months, but in a past version of this blog, I called it a writing exercise. With a firm belief and positive feedback showing that there has been improvement, I still feel mighty successful.

Some posts I'm proud of (in chronological order),
... while others (and a vast majority) are mindblowingly lazy.

Now that I look at that list, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Especially after reading other good moments in the archives. Part of me regrets the decision to break my post-per-day schedule, but a larger part regrets not writing poetry much now. Since last Christmas, I've been doing some infrequent writing for Brennan's Eastscene webzine; but more recently, I've been contributing to Chantelle's blog, The Converse Rockstar, and Georgina's style blog, fashion for the soul.

Some things I've written in other locations,

Apparently moms love me as well, because I got nominated and came in 15th or so in a list of Top 25 Kid Bloggers on Circle of Moms. Personally, I thought I wasn't personal enough and swore too much for that, but go figure. I'm not complaining.

In terms of personal development- the most difficult topic, haha... erm, I can now drive with an adult and I got a job this summer? Of course it's minimum wage, but I love baking (and food in general). The only other thing I did was sing. Alot. But it's still a work in progress, so you won't be hearing any of that yet.