Summer's not over... yet

2:12 That unmistakable dialtone ups the ante on Mathieu Santos's solo-single, "I Can Hear The Trains Coming". Clever thing he is.

I’m a believer
I took a weight off his hands
It stood in reason
That it’s all starting again
I wasn't listening
Well, did you hear what he said?
I thought it was something
But you know I can't afford to be wrong
And I can’t stand up

In this whole "first week of school" fiasco, I've casually fallen out of sync with the indie-stry. I can hardly believe how easy it is. Having gotten a taste of life in the workforce, I cannot wait to be unrestricted by the constant, repetitive, tired school cycle that the lives of youth ages 6-17 are based upon.

Due to the concept of return, the likes of Depeche Mode, Fiona Apple, New Order and Nine Inch Nails have become prominent in my heavy rotation list. While (playing, writing, finding, and writing about) music has not been entirely abolished from my escapist mind, a couple other art forms have been insistent occupants.

Don't go reading that list in disbelief. I did some schoolwork, too- cutting out magazine letters for long past-due title pages? Fairly time-consuming work, and the Princess Margaret house had to do with an Interior Design assignment.

Come to think of it, the grunge-spiration was the only thing (besides watching a couple episodes of Pretty Little Liars- check out this article on CollegeFashion) that I did without incentive. The trip to HMV? Gift shopping. The smashing pumpkin bites? School band snack. My head is so in the game.

The missing fourth class is Math. I don't suppose anyone has any spare algebra magazines for me to butcher?