Exitmusic releases "From Silence" EP

photo by Lauren Dukoff
A few months ago, the world was blessed with new material from Exitmusic in the form of "The Sea". Aside from being the perfect love story, husband-and-wife duo Devon Church (NYC via Winnipeg, Manitoba) and Aleksa Palladino are the polar opposite of fellow New York couple, Matt & Kim's "Daylight". If the film begins at an upbeat pop tempo, the exitmusic is serene, eerie Exitmusic playing during the credits, all puns intended.

While Church paints a twilight sky, Palladino's voice is a timeless lullaby aboard her counterpart's shipwrecked raft of art supplies- vibrato opening tones, falling objects, and striking metallic paints. The latter of the group can be accredited to delightfully well-utilized mallet percussion. Their sound simultaneously encompasses the feeling of floating, stargazing, and washed-up mornings.

Strong, airy parallels between the instrumentals and vocals make for a hollow landscape, but one that is enviously beautiful. The source of this unnecessary envy, however, is completely unknown, seeing as we're in no rush or place to challenge their industry-favourited spot for most chill pop noir duo... it's probably something to do with their ridiculous, all-around attractiveness. (Gorgeous; oh, and here's an album stream.) An official video for "The Hours" below:

Track listing
01 "The Sea" (mp3)
02 "The Modern Age"
03 "The Hours"
04 "The Silence"

Preorder the four-track extended play (set for an October 4th release) via Secretly Canadian.

Exitmusic is Aleksa Palladino (vocals), Devon Church (everything else); live: Dru Prentiss (drums) and Nicholas Shelestak (programming).

ORIGINAL POST written by theVibeGirl for EastScene magazine.