Siberia album puts LIGHTS back on track

After this slightly disorienting episode, ice princess Valerie Poxleitner has released her second full-length record. To make it even better, Jason (the Human Kebab) Parsons was involved. Promising stuff.

Siberia features chunkier, more substantial beats, dubstep and electricore influences. Personally, I'm not crazy about the lead single, "Toes", but even its sunny-winter-day's sparkle shows immense progress from The Listening. It's much more subdued and sophisticated, rather than just being cute, all out fun and glitzy. The instrumentation is diverse and the variety is there in dance tracks, ballads, and hell- there's even rap. (Courtesy of Shad; I'm not sure about the idea of LIGHTS rapping.)

The electricore is definitely runoff from her collaborations with Bring Me The Horizon and other punk outfits these last few years. In the past, similarities have been drawn between Poxleitner and Adam Young of Owl City, but that comparison no longer holds true. In my opinion, this second album resonates like a sort of rock-infused Robyn.

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Release date: October 4th, 2011
Genre: synthpop, electronic

Recommended tracks? "Siberia" and "Fourth Dimension".