Two for contrast

Echoes are a post-metal band from Winchester, England. I've listened to my fair share of drone and doom, but this is something entirely new and different. In opposition to the monotonous, downtempo based upon (dissonant) harmonic progression, Echoes are upbeat in a punk manner, but with modern rock influences. Unsettling on a first listen.

Singer-songwriters that I genuinely enjoy are hard to come by; (I'm very much an ensemble/hype-duo girl). Markéta Irglová and her artsy video for the warm, serene-sounding "Go Back" have won me this Friday morning. Hailing from Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic, this young songstress has a hearty list of accomplishments for her 23 years.

Expecting great things from both of them, but still always in dire need of more new music... care to share any fresh tracks you've been listening to lately?