the cold-blooded boy

he spent the morning on the sidewalk
in front of my house
basking in the glorious sun
waving a little too enthusiastically
as my friends and i walked by
pushing our brand new bikes
to the part of the road
where the bike lane began.

he danced on our street
in the hot afternoon rain dodging cars
and ignoring the agitated honks
and saying thank you, but no thank you
when i offered my umbrella
so i’d stand there sheltered on the curb
while he grinned with wet wild eyes
and we’d talk for hours.

he would shiver in the evening
chat his teeth stomp his feet
trying to keep warm under the streetlamp
and i would bring him in a basket
warm soup and bread from dinner
resume my place on the curb
but this last time instead
he kissed me goodbye and got up and left.