Two Weeks & Counting...

(though my favourite is track 10, "Sacrifice")

Classically, I've been getting rather blue these last 14 days. In the past, this had led to taxing reflections, self-destructive behaviour, and loss of decision-making skills. Mom suggested I look up museums I might want to check out. She suggests this every summer. To put it simply, between the ROM and the Ontario Science Centre, I've made at least 20 visits. I daresay I'm all ROM'ed out. So tomorrow I'm headed to the big T.O. again, but not to visit museums. Nor to church-hop, I'm afraid. I'm going to shop condos.

I don't know how to beat it, this blasted season known as summer. It's bliss for the first week, and then it's hotter than Inferno (which I've made a note to read at some point before school takes up again). Yesterday night after the thundershowers, there was visible steam rising from the ground. Disgusting, pathetic fallacy is. Therefore, to make myself feel slightly more content, I've compiled a list of my accomplishments since returning from Alberta.

  • written seven posts here, two posts there and still trying to make it a habit
  • swam about 15km... where are my abs?!
  • bought new boat shoes, and went a little accessory-overboard on a weekend shopping excursion. At least I'm coming to terms with my bulging closet.
  • viewed eight films: the latest Jane Eyre, Source Code and Moon by that Jones guy, plus additional Mansell masterpieces to be found in The Fountain, Affleck's The Town, Duplicity, The Prince And Me (starring Julia Stiles), and Mirror Mirror.
  • read philosophy (There are Two Errors in the the Title of this Book, Outliers), gothic lit (Northanger Abbey, The Picture of Dorian Gray), and a fair share of trashy summer novels.
  • biked over 150km; across town and back, and then again
  • spent a day in downtown Toronto, running errands.
  • ran 20km, which I realize is embarrassing.
  • downloaded 21 new tracks, but mostly reacquainting with old ones
  • baked lemon raspberry poppyseed muffins, two-bite brownies, and apple cinnamon bread
  • worked 53.5 hours, which totals to about $520 at student minimum, ka-ching.
  • vacuumed and scrubbed out my washroom. About time, lol.
  • inhaled a bag of chocolate chips
  • eaten about 3000 calories in fresh fruit; I'll never have to see the doctor again.