MUSIC: Local boy Ishan Morris getting major-iSH

It's real sick to see a local rapper breaking the iTunes Top 200, especially with a promising major label debut single. With a few throwbacks to earlier tracks ("Seize the Day", "How You Like Me Now"), "Rollin'" plays out like a slightly cliche, but breezy summer tune. Knowing what iSH has released in the past, I'm not terribly keen on "Rollin'"--it's pretty, but lyrically underwhelming. The balls-ier "All Fall Down" might've been a better bet, had it featured an A-list rap roster (as all chart-topping straight rap tracks seem to do nowadays). Nevertheless, pretty will get iSH halfway. Hopefully, the rest of the soon-to-be-announced (I'm sure) album drives him home. The year's yours, buddy.