MP3: "With Haste" by Future History

Reeling from a series of brutally honest confessions in the form of Loss://self (2012), Toronto natives Future History are expected to release their follow up album, Lungs towards the end of this month. Their poorly written and out-of-date biography page does little to suggest such, but the band is alive and well, ten months removed from civilization, and stealing your kids to star in the music video for their new lead single, “With Haste”.

The four-minute track starts in the same mellow, acoustic, roots-inspired strain as its predecessors on Loss://self, before seguing into a darker, grittier chorus. It’s certainly more urgent than Loss://self and less naïve than their self-titled debut. At a glance, Future History, would certainly satisfy those fans who aren’t enthralled by change; that’s not to say they have not progressed, it’s just been subtle. But we’ll have to re-evaluate this upon hearing the entirety of Lungs, or course.

“With Haste” is available here as an mp3 download, courtesy of the band!