Running Red Light's irresistible "Mulberry Love"

Take note, Robin Thicke.

There's something incredibly sensual about Running Red Lights's latest single, a wayward serenade about an unnamed siren's "Mulberry Love". Kevin Howley's wanton confessions carries over David Puzak's folksy guitar accompaniment, blending flawlessly with Scarlett Flynn's angelic voice. There's no blurriness, no mistaking the meaning behind the lyrics to "Mulberry Love"'s opening verse:
She is bare on my red velvet chair flung out like a rug
And though I know she is barbed like a wire, I am tempted to touch
She's a lady of shipwrecks, my God, how she hurts
But as a man I am damned with desire for her
It's a feeling we can all relate to, whether we are currently prone to or currently in need of her. She may be the hottest bitch in the room, but RRL gets it right: she's not an animal, but a shrine. And she's absolutely shining.

After half a decade in the music industry, or skirting around it, Running Red Lights is due to release their debut full-length album at the start of 2014--and we'll be watching. Download "Mulberry Love" below, check out their West Coast tour dates, and bask in Howley and Flynn's autumnal sun.

Sounds like: City and Colour, Bon Iver.