Morgan Doctor fixes up a little Minor over Major

Morgan Doctor's no newbie. She's been around the world and quite possibly outer space (where else would you procure one of these things?), having released three solo albums since signing with Aporia Records in 2006, and she's currently on tour with Andy Kim.

Minor Over Major, released this May, is both conventional, unconventional, explorative, and certain. "It's definitely my most personal album to date," she admits. Unlike her previous work, the album's eight tracks are purely instrumental. "Some tunes come from rhythms (like "West Coast" and "When It's Right") [...] others come from melody or most often textures"; there's a captivating blend of familiar instruments and dreamier sounds on tracks like "The Seafarer".

I didn't inquire about the meaning of "Minor over Major", but it's as if the album is celebrating and drawing attention to the small things in life, the beautiful parts that make up the whole. The rhythms, the melodies, the harmonies, and the textures we often overlook while focusing on lyrics and vocals. Though likely unintended, the tracks are also absolutely breathtaking when layered over one another.

That aforementioned unearthly instrument, I learned, is "called a Hang. It's Swiss, looks like a flying saucer. You can hear it on "Between Living and Dying" track," Morgan says. "It is a very beautiful instrument that is very trance like when played. Very other worldly. The instrument is very hard to get a hold of because it is only made by a couple in Bern, Switzerland in their cabin." Take a listen!

What has she been listening to lately?
"I'm a big fan of The Album Leaf and Hammock and am always listening to them. I have been listening to a lot of friend's bands like So Young, Julie Doiron and Bell Orchestre."
She expects to be touring with Kevin Drew next year, upon the release of a joint album between the Broken Social Scene musician and Andy Kim. Morgan Doctor's also currently working with Kat Lucas (P!nk's guitarist/keyboardist) on an original project called Belle Ayre."

"West Coast" (mp3)