Escape velocity and cosmic rays: Sun Stone Revolvers, Delta Will, and Dave Rave


Our name used to be Revolvers. Now it’s Sun Stone Revolvers.
Good, because besides the increased searchability, the band’s new moniker is just more suitable. Spaceship X, released last month on Optical Sounds takes listeners on a round trip, away from gravity ("On the Run"), to the edge ("Horizon"), into the blue ("Ocean"), and as per their excellent customer service, home ("America").

The Toronto trio blends psychedelic, folk, and garage styles; think Local Natives cross-multiplied with Flaming Lips and Fleetwood Mac.

Download "On the Run" and "Liberation" and watch the video for "America" below!


Since landing on Earth and inhibiting Charles Tilden’s body, Delta Will’s a changed man. Turns out, he’s been around as long as floppy disks have been around. No wonder government officials were quick to cover up the Roswell incident. Is Will a space fugitive or Plutonian refugee? We’ll never know, but his sounds developed nicely into a twangy, folk and blues-infused rock.

Listen and download "It All Glows" from Delta Will’s bandcamp; the full EP drops October 22nd. If you’re in Toronto on the 24th, drop by The Piston for the release party!


photo from CHRW Radio
Dave Rave’s also a veteran, and an artist who’s also escaped conformity. The former punk rocker released Memphis Midnight earlier on in the year, a jazz rock album with guitarist Mark McCarron. Kick your feet up and check out "Fortunate Boy (Where No One Knows)"—like what you hear? Try "On the Memphis Midnight Ride" and "For All Time".

Happy Canadian thanksgiving, everyone!