There's a Bluebird + it's Running Red Lights in My Heart

Running Red Lights is the 500 Days of Summer of indie folk. And most indie folk acts are pretty darn cute. We'd better tell them to stahp. But not really. Because let's be honest: we've been listening to them / watching that blasted film this whole time.

Aged seven years, like a full-bodied wine, Scarlett and Dave and Kevin and Jeff release their first album together, There's a Bluebird in My Heart. It's the quintessential "winter thaws into spring", the "baby it's cold outside"... the "picture perfect barnyard wedding" album. In the rock department, there's some audible Fleetwood Mac influence on "Under the Wire" and a Zooropa-esque intro with raspy Bono-style vocals on "Run Away". We're particularly fond of "Dear Liza", "Boxcar Telegrams", and "A Damn Good Way to Go".

This sampler, featuring "Under the Wire" and "In Parentheses", will be available till February 14th. The band will also be throwing a release party at Theatre Passe Muraille Cabaret in Toronto on January 31st, 2014.