14/06/12 REMIX ROUNDUP: Grays, Grandtheft, DJ Snake, Zhu, Wigzen x Salda

This week it appears I’ve been on a real remix kick.


The elusive Grays never works alone, instead opting to remix or release material with other producers, but I reckon he’s a force behind the board regardless. Likewise, “So High,” released over a year ago by Danny Choi, under his provocative moniker Ghost Loft, stands well on its own. When Grays slowed it down, brought out the main motif, and added shuffling percussion late last month, the internet just about exploded; he made us so high.


Drake’s dropping in 2015 and the confidence he exuded on “0 to 100” promises a good album. Enter Grandtheft, a most prolific and most Canadian “infant” prodigy. “The chorus sounds like power drills,” a friend commented about this rework. Power tools or not, he’s pretty mad decent. I particularly dig his edit of Crystal Castles’ “Not in Love”; block party on.


Let’s be real. Nobody loved “Turn Down for What” on their first listen either. But like DJ Snake’s new Parisian version, it creeps into your mind and you have to play it again. And again. And again. (Way to milk this tape, Snake.)


Zhu’s made us a newer and improved-er way of spinning “West Coast,” effectively adding himself to the ranks of those who have successfully remixed Lana. The track’s accumulated over 70,000 plays within 24 hours; not only that, it’s dancey (like Cedric Gervais’ version of “Summertime Sadness”) with instrumental additions (like Woodkid’s version of “Born to Die”). Then, around 3:40, Zhu adds Britney-esque voice modulations. I’m sensing a “hipster” summer song right here, right now.


Boston kids Salda and Wigzen are this list’s dark horses: the latter appears to have only recently launched himself as Wigzen three months ago, but he’s not afraid to hack around in different genres, evidenced by his imaginative interpretation of “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” by Deftones. Salda, besides his own frantic DJ-ing, is quite the motivational speaker.