Waterbodies post new track, set to play SCENE Fest

"You can make a load of noise with bass, drums & guitar," claim St. Catharines' Waterbodies. The Canadian trio appear to be following up their 2012 album, The Evil We Know, starting with new Home Alone-inspired single, "What the French Call 'Les Incomp├ętents'." On it, vocalist Mike McGean sings:
Black girls, white girls freak me out / Did those words just come from my mouth / See I'm the kinda guy, your kinda guy / So baby just get in line
It's a most-conscious thought progression and that's exactly how it flows on the recording--naturally, like McGean had been improvising atop upbeat-downbeat guitar and percussion. The vinyl scratches on "WTFCLI" are an unusual touch, adding to the DIY punkiness of the track. It's got a little more definition, however, and a lot more funk than songs prior, such as "How to Burn Bridges" and "Silver Spoon" off Waterbodies' debut album. And therefore, a fair bit of promise for their new material, which is coming soon.

Waterbodies are performing at Mishun this Sunday for the SCENE Music Festival.