Brooklyn's Lemonade drops second bubbly single for upcoming Minus Tide

Here’s a quaint little electronic trio called Lemonade from Brooklyn, New York via San Francisco, who are best known for their inter-album EP, Pure Moods (2010).

Now part of the CASCINE family, Lemonade is due to release their third full-length record, Minus Tide, September 9th. Today’s cut from the album is a sparkly summer floral. Listen to “Orchid Bloom” below, as well as the slightly dirtier, glitchier lead single, “Stepping.” Callan Clendenin’s breathy vocals are hair-raising as both tracks reveal a darker undertone to Lemonade’s generally light, coastal sound.

Lemonade will be playing the CASCINE x ARBUTUS showcase party in Toronto with Chad Valley and BRAIDS, among others. Details.