Zammuto unveils tiny, secret world in "Great Equator"

Nick Zammuto's new video feels very DIY because it is.

The self- directed and edited visual companion to Anchor lead single, "Great Equator," is perfectly Cartesian at the intersection between lyric and music video planes, straddling art and science. Filmed entirely by dissecting microscope (colour) and scanning electron microscope (black and white), its short split-second clips are pieced together to form a sum much greater than its parts. But watch each of its parts carefully; under the SEM especially, the incredible detail of each frame competes with its corresponding audio components. MOTHERBOARD has the details.

When the audio and visuals synchronize at 2:05 in with a sequence of up-close animal shots and single synth tones, it's simply the best thing.

Out September 2nd via Temporary Residence Limited, Anchor is Zammuto's second full-length record after Zammuto (2012) and their debut EP, Idiom Wind (also 2012). The band consists of bassist Mikey Zammuto multi-instrumentalist Nick Oddy, and drummer Sean Dixon; and will embark on a tour in support of the album on September 6th in Montreal.