14/08/10 REMIXES: Nelsaan, Manila Killa, AObeats

Day in, day out.


Anonymous Norwegian producer Nelsaan tried to slip this Sam Smith remix in under the radar. At first, it's unassuming amongst the other pretty "Stay With Me"s in the crowd. And then it's absolutely arresting, and absolutely prone to be one of those "missed connections" if you don't act on it now. So... um, stay with it; it's not love, it's all you need.


Manila Killa is 21 since releasing this Dawn Golden remix, has 12000 Facebook fans, and hails from the selfie capital of the world. And like the selfie, I can't tell if the D.C. Filipino's edit of "All I Want" is introspective or extraverted. It blends aspects of both personalities -- a bubbly demeanour and friendly steel drums, but a dreamy haze and soft shaker. There's a tropical getaway if I ever saw one.


Another very accessible, very diverse futuristic house remix comes at the hands of AObeats, who happens to be a friend and collaborator of Manila Killa and another Moving Castle member. This version of "Sprezzatura" from Testudo's latest EP unwinds on a syncopated club beat with a seriously magical case of the wobblies.