Populous channels Afrobeat and krautrock in "Vu"

Lecce, Italy's Andrea Mangia produces electronic world (yes, I went there) music as Populous and considers himself a "white b-boy." THUMP, where the lead single from his upcoming Night Safari premiered, reports: "It's a blend of African chants mixed with samples captured from a famous kraut-rock band," says Mangia. In terms of the safari, "It should represent Africa, but I'm pretty sure someone would say London."

Mangia gives a good explanation for the rhythmic frenzy and melodic zen present on "Vu." Frankly, the track reminds us of this other Afro-inspired gem from three years ago, a piece titled "GOLD" by a mysterious little band called TEACHERS. But while "GOLD" was an anthem, "Vu"'s excitement comes in waves of tolling bells, tribal chants, metallic rustling, and incessant kick drum. Although the casual listener might skim over it; I stand by this obscure addition to my repertoire -- it is a most cherished one.

Night Safari is due September 29th via Bad Panda Records; here's "Vu."